Everybody loves a fun Tüvi game!

And playing ball is a classic activity that’s fun for just two, or more! That’s why we’re excited to share some of our favorite games with you!

Bowling Pins

How to Play Tüvi Bowling Pins

This fun games starts with one player holding the Tüvi, and the rest of the players lined up in a row, like bowling pins, in front of them!

The player that is holding the Tüvi rolls the ball in front of them, knocking over a human “pin” by touching them with the ball!

The distance in front of the player with the ball can add or subtract difficulty, as well as how closely the “pins” stand together!

Tuvi Tag
How to Play Tüvi Tag

Add a fun twist to classic tag by adding Tüvi! Catch a player and tag them out with our soft and colorful ball. 

For extra safety, no player should tag above the shoulders. Add more fun with more Tüvi balls!

Tuvi Telephone

How to play Telephone

Here’s a fun game for younger folks! Because Tüvi is uniquely hollow, younger children can practice passing the ball back and forth in a very fun and interesting way!

Try tying a thin nylon rope between two trees, or another structure that is available. Before the 2nd end is tied, it should be strung through the middle of the Tüvi ball.

Each player can stand some distance from eachother, and take turns “zooming” the Tüvi back and forth to one another! The farther they stand apart, the more challenging it is. Use your big muscles!

Tuvi “Spud”

How to Play Spud

Grab your Tüvi!
Count all your players, and give them a number to remember. Gather together with one person in the middle. This person should be holding the Tüvi ball!

The player in the middle throws Tüvi up into the sky while shouting one of the player’s numbers. Whoever has been called has to catch the ball and yell “Tüvi!!!” 

At this point, all the players freeze and then the person who is holding Tüvi can take three huge steps to whatever player they choose. 

They then throw the ball at this player, who tries to dodge the ball! But, here’s the catch: this player can’t move their feet at all. 

Each time a player is hit they earn the letters T, U, V, I and spelling Tüvi means that it’s your turn to throw the ball for the next round!

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