For Educators

As an educator, you probably already know that throwing, catching and chasing a ball is excellent for hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skill development, teamwork and much more! Plus, it’s SO much fun!
  • Perfect for school PE fundraisers!
  • Great for K-12
  • An effective football trainer
Beyond being colorful, soft and just plain fun, Tuvi excites children who play with it. And the skills that are learned extend far beyond what you might expect! After working with Tuvi ball and playing fun games, “children will figure out which way a ball will bounce, or how quickly a ball will roll, and this will develop their cognitive function. It will also teach them to anticipate the ball’s movements–direction and speed–which is the foundation for another vital life skill: prediction” (Fitness Factor Blog, 2017, para 8). Prediction and retaining memory, as well as refined cognitive skills, are all a part of getting fit with Tuvi! Want to know how to integrate this one of a kind ball into your students’ program? Contact us now! References Fitness Factor Blog. (2017). Seven Benefits of Ball Play for Children. Fitness Factor Blog. Retrieved from

Tüvi is fun & SAFE for all ages!

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