Tüvi is the sports ball for all!
Tüvi Ball is the New Sports Ball for All!
About Tüvi Ball

At Tuvi, we know that you’ve seen a thousand options for playing ball at the beach…but you haven’t seen this one.  

Soft, flexible and aerodynamic, Tuvi is bright, engaging and fun to hold. It’s the perfect gift for your children or grand kids, and a new and fun way to connect with your family while getting some outdoor exercise! And don’t forget about your pets–dogs love to play, too!

Why is Tüvi

Tuvi is totally tubular–literally!

It’s unique vented shape allows it to have more rotational inertia. This means that the ball can spin longer, and stay more stable, than balls with solid centers. Tuvi isn’t just waterproof and colorful–it’s also a great training tool for learning to play sports like football! And because it’s soft, it’s easy to grip and fun to hold, nobody can resist tossing it around! But, Tuvi isn’t just for beginners. Those who play competitively will also appreciate the form and function of this unique ball.